Carladez en Aveyron

-Valon, the stream of Alcuéjoul-


Difficulty: Average
Distance: 4 km
Positive Elevation: 280 m
Time: 1h40

A short but quite outstanding hike that follows the slopes of a wild valley at the bottom of which a stream rages down ; the castle of Valon will be your guardian angel.

Road Markings : yellow + red until Camin d’Olt, then yellow on the way back.
Departure : At the entrance of the village of Valon
Alternative : 6 km – 2h30 – The hike can be extended. From the parking lot, walk uphill towards the castle, go across the old village. Walk downhill to the cemetary until you reach road D97. Walk across and head straight onto a narrow steep path to go down to the old road coming from Valon running parallel to the D97. Then walk uphill to the right (splendid views on the lake of Couesques). You will arrive at the departmental road 150m before a well-renovated house. Get on the main route to go down to the stream.

Points of interests :

Discover :

The flood defence structure in Couesques
The Truyère comes into being on the Mounts of Margeride before it digs its bed along its course. Near Valon it snakes its way between the Viadène and the Carladez, digging deep and wild gorges. To take advantage of the river’s flow, the strong decline and the shape of the valley, hydroelectric structures and a string of dams were built from 1928 onwards. Thus, the truyère was tamed to feed powerful turbines. The lake of Couesques was built after WWII to provide water to the factory in Montézic (1982) which was built at the bottom of the  Saut du chien waterfalls. The factory uses this lake as a downstream reservoir and the man-made lake  in St Gervais as an uphill reservoir. During hours of low consumption, water is pumped from the downstream reservoir and brought upstream to be used during peak hours


Waypoints (in French only)

  • 01Depuis l’entrée du village de Valon revenir à la D 97. Au croisement descendre à gauche sur 150 m jusqu’à une ancienne maison. Virer en épingle à droite sur un ancien chemin et descendre jusqu’au ruisseau. Remonter à gauche jusqu’à la ferme « fantôme » de La Fargue (sentier escarpé).
  • 02A la ferme tourner à droite (direction Rouens) continuer sur une « carral » à niveau (chemin dans les bois) dominant le ruisseau d’Alcuéjoul. Déboucher sur la petite route venant de Rouens.
  • 03La suivre à droite jusqu’à Gally (ferme restaurée). Passer le ruisseau. Remonter jusqu’à la D 97. Poursuivre à droite sur 350 m jusqu’à la ferme de Durand.
  • 04Obliquer à gauche sur un sentier herbeux. Le suivre à flanc et atteindre la croix de bois en haut du village (magnifiques vues sur le château, le vieux village, l’église et le château, les gorges de laTruyère, la cascade du saut du chien). Poursuivre la descente jusqu’au parking.


Where to get advice and information?

At the Tourist Information Office
All the route guidelines are available in print at the Tourist Information Office, free of charge except the guidelines for foot walks..
12, Grand'Rue
12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Tél. : 05 65 66 10 16

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