Carladez en Aveyron

-The chapel of Manhaval-


Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 8 km
Positive Elevation: 285 m
Time: 2h15

Starting from the beautiful site of Manhaval this hike will send you far away from civilisation and put you in a dreamy state as you’ll walkup a heaven-like valley.

Road markings : yellow + signs
Departure : Hamlet of Manhaval

Points of interest:

  • chapel of Manhaval (used to be dedicated to St Anne known for healing jaundice).
  • the calm of the valley: ideal for meditation.
  • traditional houses with nice roofings at Bout la Cote.
  • vistas on the Gorges of the Goul.
  • GR 465 From Monts du Cantal to Lot Valley – From Murat to Conques.

Discover :

The Manhaval Chapel
For more than 30 years, when there was no service, this stunning Chapel, a true gem from the 12th century, built on a ledge at the heart of a wild location, was abandoned and almost in ruins. In the past, Notre Dame of Manhaval was a priory depending on the parish of Saint-Flour. An act of Law dated 1292 stipulated that the rights of the clergyman and his responsibilities included the upkeep of the “Chapelain.” Before the 1789 Revolution, Manhaval was considered an additional chapel to Taussac and a vicar from this parish would reside there. The hamlet housed a dozen families; a school taught children from Manhaval and the villages in the Goul Valley. In the 1960s, the village was abandoned, the religious institution shut down and so was the school. Soon enough brushwood covered the village slopes. In 1976, following the arrival of two new residents and the improvement of road access by authorities as well as the creation of new forest pathways, the village came back to life. In 1985, the municipal council voted in favour of maintaining the chapel, which created an association to supervise the necessary works  to rebuild the edifice. Twenty years later, we can say the mission has been accomplished.


Waypoints (in French only)

  • 01S’approcher des premières maisons du hameau. Poursuivre tout droit sur une piste gravillonnée. Laisser un premier chemin herbeux à droite descendant au ruisseau continuer sur un large chemin forestier remontant la vallée.
  • 02Au premier croisement de pistes en cours de montée poursuivre tout droit (à remarquer la vallée sauvage et très boisée du ruisseau d’Embernat). Après 1 h 30 de montée accessible à tous, très régulière, atteindre le plateau.
  • 03Au carrefour avec la route venant de Taussac, virer en épingle à gauche vers Salesse. Après la ferme continuer tout droit sur la petite route de desserte menant au Bout de la Côte (deux anciennes fermes très bien restaurées, belles toitures de lauzes).
  • 04Au premier croisement de pistes commencer la descente vers les vallées du ruisseau d’Embernat et du Goul (points de vue très agréables sur les plateaux environnants et les versants boisées des deux vallées). Rester sur la piste principale, laisser des pistes débouchant à droite et à gauche. Continuer la descente en lacets à travers bois pour rejoindre Manhaval et son église. (Peintures du 17ème siècle recouvrant la voûte en arc-en-ciel de l’abside et boiseries polychromes du 18ème siècle de l’autel).


Where to get advice and information?

At the Tourist Information Office
All the route guidelines are available in print at the Tourist Information Office, free of charge except the guidelines for foot walks..
12, Grand'Rue
12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Tél. : 05 65 66 10 16

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