Carladez en Aveyron

-Fantasy Walk “Au fil de l’eau”-

Fantasy walks

Difficulty: Average
Distance: 5.5 km
Positive Elevation: 157 m
Time: 2h00

A quiet walk in the shape of a loop following the rivers Siniq and Bromme.
This hike is incredibly flowery in the springtime and is the ideal outing for hot summer days; children play with water and pebble stones…, the whole family can go for a dip.

It’s nice to be out there in the shade, in the peace and quiet of the countryside, to play barefoot in the water, to marvel at the tiny frogs and dragonflies.

–  The kids will love Cannelle and Réglisse, two wooden donkeys, a reminder of the history of Moulin de la Burée.

Road markings

Multicoloured and fun fishes
-Departs from the village’s town hall.

Points of interest

  • The village of Brommat boasts a renovated and preserved heritage : the church and its rare belltower, the “castle”, the washing area of the lavender women, traditional barns…
  • Visits of Moulin de Burée (Jean-Pierre Pagés 06 30 96 34 87)
  • After exercising…you can have a bath in the hot waters of centre Natura Bien-être in Pleau : spa, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi or more fitness! : Squash, weight lifting room : 05 65 66 22 11 
  • Fantasy walks: fire, wind, water, stone, magic forest… the elements of the Earth tell their stories as if they had a soul of their own when walking along these fantasy walks starting from the villages of Brommat, Lacroix-Barrez, Mur-de-Barrez, Murols, Taussac. For 10 years, the inhabitants of the Carladez village in northern Aveyron have been very creative and free which makes the fantasy walks and the footpaths very lively. They are free of charge and open year round.


Where to get advice and information?

At the Tourist Information Office
All the route guidelines are available in print at the Tourist Information Office, free of charge except the guidelines for foot walks..
12, Grand'Rue
12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Tél. : 05 65 66 10 16

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