Carladez en Aveyron

-De Mur-de-Barrez à Thérondels (et retour)-


Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 17 km
Positive Elevation: 603 m
Time: 5h

From Mur-de-Barrez, a medieval town with many charms (the Monaco Tower, Marie’s gardens, panoramic views on thick slate rooftops) head for the village of Thérondels, with its church, its famous PDO Cantal cheese and its vistas on the Cantal mounts. Walking up an old ice age valley where the river Bromme now flows,  the path leads into medium altitude mountains before reaching the plateau. Here lies the vast territory of Carladez at the foot of Plomb du Cantal. Thérondels a true auvergnat market town in Occitanie greets you.

Road Markings : Indications on wooden signs
Departure :  Monaco Tower in Mur-de-Barrez

Stages :

From the Monaco Tower, head North via rue de la Parro towards D 904. After 500m turn left by going on a steel staircase, then take a small road leading to the major crossroads of La Côte Blanche.
Turn right on D 575 towards Nigresserre. Past the Marot farm, cross the Bromme. Then follow the yellow markings of PR N°6 going near the castle of Venzac, go across Yolet and walk up to point 4, (altitude 901). Walk across the small road and head towards PR N°2 which you should follow to cross Nigresserre and continue towards Douzalbats which you will pass on your left before going straight to the route du Meyniel for about 300 m. Then head left on a farming country lane leading to Frons. Go across the village. Head right towards the path down below that descends to a rivulet called Siniq and goes back up to Thérondels. Go across the beech trees, then you will end on the plateau from which you can make out Thérondels. Head right until the calvary, turn left to get to the village.

Points of interest :

Mur-de-Barrez : the Monaco Tower, culinary house, St Thomas Church, Marie’s gardens, the castle’s esplanade, thick slate rooftops, monastery.
Bromme Valley
 : typical hamlet
Nigresserre : Church and fountain, lime tree “Sully de Nigresserre”.
Vistas on Cantal Mounts
 : Romanesque church, Fantasy Walk « et le paysan créa la prairie », shaded square with centuries-old lime trees, traditional houses.


Where to get advice and information?

At the Tourist Information Office
All the route guidelines are available in print at the Tourist Information Office, free of charge except the guidelines for foot walks..
12, Grand'Rue
12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Tél. : 05 65 66 10 16

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