Carladez en Aveyron

-Treat yourself-

I love Mur-de-Barrez and its tasty food!

Get up a little early to go to the farm or the Place de Monaco market on Thursday mornings. 

Meet new people, taste new food, chat and stock up on great food for the family!
Mmmmm! Freshly-baked farçous! 

Real local food, tastes you will never tire of. 

Sweet or savoury, what will be your pick of our local produce?
– Aligot served with Aubrac beef 
– Deli meats: ham, fritons, dried sausages,… 
– Cheeses : Cantal, Thérondels, Barrézien, Laguiole, Salers, Roquefort… 
– Fouaces and Caraladez Tome Tart, sublimely sweet!

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