Carladez en Aveyron

-Arts & Crafts-

Carladez Arts & Crafts

Workshops along our fantasy walks

Happy creators

These walks take you away from reality and into the world of the imagination, with all manner of creatures and sculptures made by local artisans :

– wooden and iron sculptures
– rich illuminations
– ingenious structures and installations

  • Illumination

    Painting and Illumination
    Tuesday, Wednesday : 14:00-18:00 / Thursday 19:00-21:30

Information:  Federation of Carladez Municipalities
2, rue de Samayou – 12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Tel. 05 65 66 18 99

  • 6 great walks for kids, families and casual walkers 

These walks are wonderful, easy, free and open all year round.

you’ll discover a place of nature, dreams, art and creativity.

Learn more about our ‘fantasy walks’ 


À La Pensée – Maison Cassagnes

Flowers for every occasion with your artisan florist.
All kinds of fresh and dried bouquets.
Euroflorist. Home delivery.

Nicole Soulage
Rue de l’église 12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Tel./Fax 05 65 66 06 04