Carladez en Aveyron

-Castles in Carladez-

The Château de Valon

A bit of history

Built in the 12th-century, the Château de Valon overlooks the Truyère gorges. From the inner courtyard one really appreciates the chapel and keep. The castle contains three rooms on three floors, and a remarkable staircase that has survived the centuries intact takes you to the terrace, where the view across the gorges is captivating.

History: the Castel d’Avalon was first mentioned in 1150, and since then the castle has withstood, from its rocky vantage point, the ravages of time and men. From 1378 to 1387, during the Hundred Years War, the castle was occupied by highwaymen who were ransacking the whole county. It was abandoned after the Revolution, and was used as a quarry to build the village. Its imposing keep remained, however, and the castle has now been restored to its former glory.

The Château de Valon is grandiose

Guided tours, events and the tale of Hector the dragon bring the castle back to life and animate the little village of Valon

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The medieval village offers tranquil strolls, picnics and shops, including Valon Gourmand selling local produce, farmhouse specialties and traditional recipes.

The Château de Messilhac

A bit of history

Construction of the Château de Messilhac began in the 11th-century, on the borders of Haute-Auvergne and Rouergue. Thanks to the improvements made to the central building in the early 16th-century by the lord, Jean de Montmat, the castle is Cantal’s only remaining vestige of Renaissance architecture, and a beautiful example of it; admire, for instance, the exquisite sculpted facade and straight Italian-style staircase.
The castle has two large keeps, a central body and a late-18th-century wing; from its terrace and bartizans there is a superb panorama of the Goul valley.

The Château de Messilhac is a pearl of French Renaissance architecture.

Bertrand Tavernier chose it as the location for his last film, ‘The Princess of Montpensier’, with Mélanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson, Gaspard Ulliel, Grégoire Leprince-Rinquet and Raphaël Personnaz.
Mélanie Thierry loves the Mur-de-Barrez region and has fond memories of shooting ‘The Princess of Montpensier’ there in the autumn. Don’t miss these images of Mur-de-Barrez taken from TF1’s ‘Là où je t’emmènerai’: