Carladez en Aveyron


Mur-de-Barrez, open your eyes and admire!

When you arrive at the Place de Monaco and the famous tower, you’ll want to keep exploring and learn more!

Flagstone rooves

Take the tour, you must!

Go through the gate of the old fortress and you’re in the medieval old-town. Take a peaceful stroll along the pretty little streets and take in all the history, heritage and architecture!

The Tour de Monaco, the Grand’Rue, the Maison Consulaire, Saint Thomas of Canterbury’s Church, the Maison Fualdès, the ‘castle’ esplanade, exquisite flagstone rooves, 360° panoramas, the Saint Clare Monastery, the Berque gate, the Town Hall garden…

View from the château esplanade of the flagstone rooves

Former fief of the Princes of Monaco
The Tour de Monaco

La Tour de Monaco

His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco:

« I’m very happy to be here underneath this tower and to be learning about Carladez and Aveyron. One of the most appealing things about Mur-de-Barrez is its well-kept heritage and rich history.»

What is the link between Monaco and Carladez?

Carladez was granted to the Princes of Monaco by Louis XIII in compensation for land they had lost in Italy.

Mur-de-Barrez’s Tour de Monaco, the southern gate of the fortress, is the most emblematic illustration of these 148 years of history; the ties were further cemented by the 2014 visit of Prince Albert II of Monaco , and the title of Countess of Carladez he gave to his daughter Gabriella.

One never tires of the 360° panorama looking down on Mur-de-Barrez from the ‘château’ esplanade 820 metres up. Mur-de-Barrez and Carladez are linked by the Plomb du Cantal- the largest volcano in Europe- and Aubrac.

« One thing’s for sure: one never tires, especially at sunset, of admiring from the château esplanade Mur-de-Barrez’s flagstone rooves with their 45° slopes, the high, sturdy houses with their double lofts, and the beatiful roof ornaments all complementing each other. Protection, robustness and resistance to the mountain climate are the key aspects of northern Aveyron architecture…

The walk is waymarked in the old-town
A map is available at the Tourist Information Centre

Le départ se fait à la Tour de Monaco,  ouvrez grand les yeux :

The walk starts at the Tour de Monaco, keep your eyes wide open!
The caves-échoppes single-storey cellars at 13, Grand’Rue take you back in time to the Middle Ages.
The Maison Consulaire: ‘the house that got people’s attention’ was rebuilt in the Renaissance by the Canilhac family. Today it houses the Town Hall.
The Fualdès House: believed to have belonged to the procurer of Luis XVIII, who was assassinated in Rodez 1817, leading to a murky legal scandal known as ‘the Fualdès Affair’.
The château esplanade: the castle was demolished in 1620. Amazing views.
The Berque gate: northern gate of the fortress.
The Saint Clare Monastery and the guided tour of the chapel: see the San Damiano Cross, painted in the ‘icon’ style.
Saint Thomas of Canterbury’s Church: the keystone gisant is unique in France, and an enigma of funerary art.
The Town Hall Garden: medieval-style, a great place for a picnic or just a short break…

Mur-de-Barrez, a welcoming village


The market

The Village Gourmand Label

The village’s shops are as appealing as its history

Guided tours of the medieval village

See the schedule on the calendar


  • “Mur-de-Barrez’s secrets and stories”.
    Prices: Adults 3€, Free for under 18s
    Group tours
    by appointment all year round:
    Up to 40 people: 2€ per person, free for guides and drivers, 40-50 people: 80€ all-in. 

Contact: Tourist Information Centre, 05 65 66 10 16,
Tour of Mur-de-Barrez’s architecture

  • Parcours architectural dans la cité


Prices: Adults 3€, Free for under 18s.
Group tours by appointment all year round:
Up to 40 people: 2€ per person, free for guides and drivers
40-50 people: 80€ all-in.
Contact: Mme Hélène Charbey, 06 11 88 12 60 / Town Hall, 05 65 66 00 47,

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