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-The Château de Valon-

You’ll fall for the Château de Valon as soon as you see it.

History, witches, fantasy, games, costumes:

The grandiose Château de Valon and the charming adjoining village will bowl you over.
Admire Valon’s distinctive flagstones and beautiful irises.
The view from the keep of the Truyère gorges is breathtaking.
The keep, perched high up, contains three rooms on three floors: to get from one to the other, there is a marvellous 14th-century staircase built into the walls. Like something from a fairytale! Not to be missed.

Krystel and family, Haute-Savoie:
« We were only supposed to stay for an hour, but we stayed for four days following the fantasy walks; they were fun and really well designed for children. And visiting the Château de Valon was the icing on the cake (…) See you again very soon. »

Laury, Summer 2018
“The Travels of Beautiful Queen Laury: great tour, amazing costumes – really  good idea, wonderfully decorated. All in all, a successful visit! »

Tale of Hector the dragon

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Château de Valon Useful Information 


Built in the 12th-century, the Château de Valon overlooks the Truyère gorges. From the inner courtyard one really appreciates the chapel and keep. The castle contains three rooms on three floors, and a remarkable staircase that has survived the centuries intact takes you to the terrace.
Down below, the peaceful Truyère river is now interspersed with various dams (Grandval, Lanau, Sarrans and Couesque, visible from Valon); but this was not always the case! Years ago the river was not so subdued, and its fierce waters carved the granite all the way to Valon.

The Castel d’Avalon was first mentioned in 1150, and since then the castle has withstood, from its rocky vantage point, the ravages of time and men. From 1378 to 1387, during the Hundred Years War, the castle was occupied by highwaymen who were ransacking the whole county. It was abandoned after the Revolution, and was used as a quarry to build the village. Its imposing keep remained, however, and the castle has now been restored to its former glory.
A large fireplace sits in the lord’s living room… you can just picture a roaring fire! On the first floor, the lord’s bedroom contains a magnificent canopy bed.

Enlightning in Valon

No one can resist visiting the grandiose Château de Valon, nor strolling around and picnicking in the adjoining village.

Valon’s village

See the flagstones, the church, the vines, the gardens and more.
Explore streets lined with little drystone walls and valerians.
Take a break on a little bench and schiste table amongst grass and wild flowers.
Visit ‘Valon Gourmand’ in the old schoolhouse for simple, delicious local products to fill your picnic basket ; farmhouse specialties and traditional recipes.