Carladez en Aveyron

-La Truyère, lakes and dams-

 La Truyère

La Truyère from the Camin d’Olt, GR route


The Truyère river starts in the Monts de la Margeride, at the peak of the Three Sisters in Lozère, at 1470m altitude; it slowly winds around the old massifs, then reaches a point where it was diverted by the lava flows from the Cantal volcanoes.  

Continuing for 170km, the Truyère has carved through granite mountains and formed many deep gorges.

“The Truyère gorges, initially the ‘well-behaved’ tributary of the Lot, begins in Margeride, discreetly winding through granite-covered hills and marshland; later it cuts into the land forming steep, rugged gorges. Its flow, by this point considerably powerful, has seen a series of huge hydroelectric dams built.
The valley hesitates between Cantal (Saint Flour, Carladez) to the north and Aveyron (Viadène, north Aubrac) to the south, then joins up with Entraygues and Le Lot.”
Taken from Guide Gallimard – Vallée du Lot – France

Visits on the Route de l’énergie

A wonderful map to explore the Barrages

At the source of the Truyère, around Sarrans Lake, at the confluence, towards the Lot valley
All the info you need is on this map. Great to plan out a holiday taking in all of the magnificent valleys between Aveyron and Cantal…
Discover the Route de l’énergie

The Truyère EDF Centre in Couesques

Truyère EDF Centre

Starting in the old control room of the Couesques plant, a new, fun, interactive museum has been built to teach you all about hydroelectricity.

This new 600m2 museum tells the history of hydroelectricity in the Lot and Truyère valleys, with an educational timeline containing models, touchscreens, films, experiments and more, explaining how the plants and dams produce the number 1 renewable energy.

Opening Times: 
To the public:
opening from Sunday to Thursday

  • June 17 to July 5 and September 3 to September 13
  • From Sunday, July 8 to Sunday, September 2:         10:00-13:00 and 15h:00 -19:00.
    Exceptional opening on Fridays, July 27th, August 3rd and 9th. 
  • 15 and 16 September: European Heritage Days exceptional opening on weekends from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00

Guided tours at 10:30 and 15:30.

Groups and School Trips (must book two weeks in advance): June and 1st-30th September, Thursday and Friday.

Free tours (last one hour).

Visit the Montézic Hydroelectric Plant 

The Montézic Plant

The Montézic Hydroelectric Plant, located 400 metres underground, is the second most powerful plant in France, producing 920 megawatts. It uses cutting edge technology to transfer energy via a system of pumps, allowing it to produce hydroelectricity in under two minutes. 

The plant began operating in 1982, and is the youngest part of the Lot-Truyère hydroelectric chain. It is currently being renovated.
Every sunday, EDF opens the plant’s doors to the public and gives fantastic guided tours, beginning with a presentation of how the plant works and its place in the Truyère hydroelectric chain, of EDF’s workers and their different tasks, then of the history of the site and its construction. It ends with an impressive look at the plant’s machine room, where the 310 lightbulbs on the ceiling have been replaced with LEDs to improve the room’s lighting.
This year, EDF has also purchased two seven-seater electric vehicles to safely transport visitors around the site.

Opening Hours 2018

Sunday From June 17 to September 16
Only on reservation 48h in advance.

Free tours (last 1h30)

Useful Info:
Pre-registration required (conditions apply) – Free Guided Tours for over-12s.
Advance booking and information 05 34 39 88 70 or