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Accessibility: Visibility, User-Friendliness, Simplicity

The current version of the Carladez Website has been designed to meet the recommendations of France’s loi n°2005-102, passed February 11th 2005, concerning equal rights, opportunities and status for handicapped people. This law lays out a general accessibility framework for government bodies (RGAA –

It is with this in mind that special attention has been paid to the site’s design, dimensions, content integration, user-friendliness and loading times, and tests have been carried out with monitors of various sizes. A forthcoming mobile version of the website will also subscribe to these methods.

Due to the difficulty of using keyboard shortcuts that work across all platforms, we have preferred an accessible menu with links allowing users with the appropriate material to either open the menu or go directly to the content. All content has been integrated with semantic HTML so as to maintain a legible hierarchy of the information being processed.

If, however, despite our efforts, users have trouble accessing information, please contact us so we can fix any accessibility issues.