Carladez en Aveyron

Welcome to our Fantasy Walks, they’ve got some surprises in store for you!

All on the themes of forest, water, fire, wind, stone and nature.
Each fantasy walk highlights a natural feature of the adjoining village.
All together, the walks express Carladez’s vitality and unique spirit.
6 fantasy walks – 6 villages – 6 starting points.

The 6 fantasy walks

The Great Outdoors

From Carladez your gaze reaches the Monts du Cantal – dormant volcanoes, the famous Aubrac, gorges and valleys with beautiful green rivers and lakes, and so many nooks and crannies to explore. On foot, bike or scooter, here you will see how nature and architecture go hand in hand. Richly coloured landscapes stop you in your tracks, then you continue the trail, soothed by the sound of your own footsteps, by the vast calm and by that gentle passage of time, where simplicity reigns. Walks and marked trails take you through carefully preserved Auvergne villages. If you’re lucky you’ll spot some incredible wildlife, roaming free on land or in the air: from deer to booted eagles!

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The château de Valon

The château de Valon

Sarrans Lake, Laussac Peninsula

Sarrans Lake, Laussac Peninsula

Natura Bien-être

Natura Bien-être

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Staying in Carladez

Natura Bien-être is a pool-gym-spa complex in the Pleau beech forest, providing fitness and relaxation with a modern twist. The only centre of its kind in north Aveyron.
Here you can take care of your mind and body with balneotherapy, zen, tonique workouts, squash, weights, skin & body treatments and more, all for prices just as nice as our activities!

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